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    The Magic Wand

    Shifting from self-medication to self-acceptance takes courage and determination. Those of us who know how it is to use alcohol or other drugs, or engage in numbing behaviours (compulsive shopping, overeating, social media, gambling or the thrill of the sexual chase) know at some deep level that the road to sober satisfaction isn’t easy. In fact, it’s difficult and slippery, filled with hills and valleys, boulders and other significant obstacles. If only there were a magic wand to help us get though!

    I keep an actual “magic wand” in my office. It’s beautiful, adorned with meaningful carvings, ribbons and embellishments. I keep it close because many clients ask if I have one – sort of joking yet really, really hoping I do, hoping for something magic to make recovery from addiction easier. And we like easy. In the past, we have used numbing--the “easier, softer way” – to avoid a sense of disconnection, of feeling unloved, ashamed, bored, angry, afraid (the list goes on).

    My real magic wand is centering. Centering allows us to feel empowered, in charge of ourselves, creative, spiritual, connected, loved and loveable. All of us came in to the world instinctively knowing how to be centered. Then sh*t happened and the wheels came off. Maybe not immediately but, as many of us can attest, over time. And then we started numbing with increasing frequency and things got sh*ttier. But if we came into the world knowing how to center, we can come full circle and relearn the magic of centering. Since it’s already in us, we just need to shed the layers that have shaped us and got in the way.

    Similar to meditation, centering doesn’t bring overnight relief, but it’s worth practicing until it does. Being centered allows us to draw on our resources, resilience, experience. And most importantly, being centered in the present moment allows us to connect with our rich internal world, our Higher Power (whoever or whatever that may be), support system, and loved ones - both two and four-legged.

    If you're drawn to explore how my magic wand may be able to assist you in changing your relationship with alcohol and other drugs, please email.